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The principals of the Firm - Jeremy Herrmann and Rupert Mathews have multi-year experience in the convertibles industry and continue to manage our actively-managed products on a day to day basis.  As highly experienced portfolio managers (with over 40 years of convertible experience between them) they provide the core, partner-level decision engine for all the actively-managed fund products we offer.

They are supported by a team of six investment professionals with extensive industry experience who seek to facilitate our bottom up research process and identify the best risk/reward trades across the convertible spectrum.  Our team of credit and technical analysts is organised to cover the global convertible market and facilitate a fluid and efficient portfolio decision-making process. The research team is made up of two credit analysts (Simon Tan and Cedric Milcendeau) who are responsible for the analysis of the convertible universe from a credit perspective.  Head of Research (Liam O’Byrne) is responsible for prospectus analysis and provides technical analysis of prospectuses and corporate actions. Convertible Bond Specialist (Robert Coe) and Convertible Bond Analyst (Faisal Ishaq) scan the convertible universe for potential opportunities and, along with Joshua Mace-Jones execute trades. Robert Coe is also Portfolio Manager for our systematic offering - Ferox Investments ICAV –Chinook Global Convertible Bond Fund.  The Firm has developed a robust infrastructure over the last seventeen years which is managed by industry specialists and currently employs 25 people.